Success Stories

Amtrack Success Story

Amtrak has purchased a substation to be installed in Philadelphia. Siemens Energy & Automation is building the Static Frequency converter for this station. The static frequency converter will be five times larger than the largest converter currently in operation. The substation will power the trains from Washington, DC to New York. The drip pan is used on all inverter cubicles and chopper cubicles. There are 40 inverter cubicles and 5 chopper cubicles. The pan is used to help protect the lower module from water should there be a leak in the upper module. The initial design created problems with the sidepieces breaking off of the actual pan. Your design of the pan solved the problem and created a quality product. Without this pan the risk of module failure caused by water leaks would have created a serious safety issue. As shown in the photo below the pan fits between the bottom module and the capacitor bank. Thank you for the innovative design and the quality product. We could not have made this work without your help.