Success Stories

Developed a pressboard and paper duct assembly for distribution transformers. Now the industry standard.

Successfully structured a kitting and Kanban program with a major drive manufacturer. Reduced line shortages and inventory transactions.

Redesigned five-piece Lexan® shield for telecommunication application into a one-piece formed unit. Decreased component costs by 50% while retaining 100% of the quality.

Developed and trademarked a process for inhibiting the absorption of moisture in press board structures. Eliminated a costly pre-baking operation.

First domestic manufacture of multi-layer Nomex® slot-liners for power generator repair. Substantially reduced industry lead times.

Reverse engineered an obsolete molded bushing for utility generator repair. Considerably reduced both cost and lead times.

Allowed a Fortune 500 motor control manufacture to outsource all of its fabrication requirements to CMI.

Also provided a major medical equipment manufacturer with a single source of supply.