From the latest hybrid propulsion system for cars and buses, to starters and blowers for military and commercial aircraft, or turn of the century electrical controls for trolley cars, CMI supports the transportation industry with our fabrication and reverse engineering services.

Public transportation systems and military applications require attention to details. CMI has developed systems of checks and balances to ensure proper materials and documentation match our fabrication skills. Our MRP system can maintain lot traceability on raw materials and our Quality System is audited regularly to support our registration to ISO 9001:2008.

Reverse engineering is important when drawings are no longer available. CMI can 3D scan and CAD model replacement components and can assist in identifying alternate materials when original materials are obsolete or hard to identify. We have a successful track record of providing solutions when others have failed.

Rail Equipment

CMI rail component CMI rail component Reverse engineering a replacement knife switch and contactor components for the San Francisco Trolley System
CMI rail component CMI rail component Replacement cable cleats for traction motors on metropolitan transit cars for the New York City Transit Authority Also available: • 3rd rail insulation components • Inverter components


Airline Transportation Industry Terminal blocks for electric motors and controls
Airline Transportation Industry Insulators for control boards
Airline Transportation Industry Insulated end laminations for starter and blower motors



Bus Transportation Copper terminals and insulators
Bus Transportation Also available: • Insulated end laminations • Insulated winding supports for hybrid drives