Power Generation

Our electrical grid relies on the effective conversion of mechanical energy into electricity through a variety of types of generators, and industry relies on motors to convert that electrical energy back into mechanical to manufacture goods.

Since the early days of our founding in 1964, CMI has supported the OEM’s and apparatus shops that serviced these rotating devices. We began by manufacturing flexible insulating products that could be die cut or slit, and over the years have grown our capacity to fabricate more complicated rigid insulating components. We can also support your needs for metallic components that compliment the insulation.

With our roots firmly planted in the service industry, CMI has often adapted equipment and methods that supported other industrial applications to reduce lead times for the repair industry. A perfect example was the development of single and double wall Nomex© slot cell insulation by adapting equipment from the transformer industry. CMI manufactured and hipot tested up to 30’ long slot cell when lead times from Europe became excessive.

Our reverse engineering capabilities has advanced from the generation of sketches and blueprints to 3D scanning of old components and CAD modeling. We can even produce 3D printed examples to validate fit and function.

Today CMI is one of the most advanced manufacturers of composite and flexible insulation components and assemblies for rotating equipment. Solutions can be provided for insulation requirements through NEMA Class H.


  • Stator Insulation Products: Wedges, Side and Top Filler, Stator End Caps
  • Rotor Insulation Products: Creepage Blocks, Turn Insulation, Slot Cell and Sub Slot Insulation, Coil Blocking, Retaining Ring Insulation, Pole Collars and Temporary Wood Blocking
  • Other Products: Isophase Insulators and Assemblies, Repair Tooling, Bearing Insulation, Rotor and Stator Finger Plates (Stainless and Composite), Main Lead Blocking, Insulated Standoff Bushings, Bore Baffle Assemblies, Collector Tubes, Connector Bar Assemblies, Air Baffles, Seal Supports


  • Rotor and Stator Insulation Products: Topsticks/Wedges, Filler Strips, End Laminations, Felt Spacers, Phase Insulation, Pole Collars, Bearing Insulation, Coil and Lead Blocking
  • Other Products: Terminal Block Assemblies, Insulated Standoff Bushings, Brush Ring Assemblies, Air Baffles

CMI Power Generation Products Image Gallery

Rotor End LaminationRotor End Lamination
Terminal BlockTerminal Block
Generator Terminal AssemblyGenerator Terminal Assembly
Controller Arc Chute AssemblyController-Arc Chute Assembly
Generator Standoff BushingGenerator Standoff Bushing
Pole Piece AssemblyPole Piece Assembly
Insulated BushingInsulated Bushing
Motor/Generator Brush AssemblyMotor/Generator Brush Assembly
Motor/Generator Slot Wedge/ArmorMotor/Generator Slot Wedge/Armor
Generator Vent SpacerGenerator Vent Spacer
Generator BlockingGenerator Blocking
Generator WedgeGenerator Wedge
Generator Kevlar wrapped WedgesGenerator Kevlar wrapped Wedges
Motor Brush CardsMotor Brush Cards
Generator Turn BlockGenerator Turn Block
Generator Sliding WedgeGenerator Sliding Wedge
Motor Terminal BlockMotor Terminal Block
Motor Terminal BlockMotor Terminal Block
Generator Collector TubeGenerator Collector Tube
Motor Balance RingMotor Balance Ring
Various Motor Generator Insulators & SpacersVarious Motor Generator Insulators & Spacers
Motor Balance RingMotor Balance Ring