Understandably, medical applications typically have higher standards than traditional commercial or industrial applications. CMI’s experience in manufacturing military components marries our fabrication capabilities with demand for high quality, often tightly toleranced product, to the documentation and material traceability requirements. This makes CMI an easy choice when qualifying a fabricator for medical components.

Since the bulk of our manufacturing capabilities supports the fabrication of plastics and composites, their unique properties make them excellent candidates for medical equipment applications. Their high strength to weight ratios allows them to replace traditional metallic components for patient handling or in CT devices. Their non-magnetic properties make them excellent choices in areas with high magnetic fields such as in MRI equipment. X-ray equipment benefits from the low X-ray attenuating properties of some specific grades.

Some examples of product we manufacture for a variety of systems:


  • MRI Gradient Tubes
  • Coil Supports & Partitions
  • Wedges and Spacers
  • MRI Body Coil Components
  • Covers, Connectors, Plugs & Receptacles


  • Coil Supports and Partitions
  • Wedges and Spacers
  • MRI Body Coil Components
  • Covers, Connectors, Plugs & Receptacles
  • Patient Handling and Positioning Components

Patient Handling and Positioning Components

  • Table Gear Racks
  • Chain Guides
  • Connectors, Plugs & Receptacles
  • Pulleys and Slides
  • Body Positioning Components
  • Higher level assemblies which combine plastics and composites with ferrous and non-ferrous metal components can be supported with our metal fabrication department, which is in a separate area of our facility.

CMI Medical Products Image Gallery

Patient Handling PulleyPatient Handling Pulley
X-Ray Bobbin CoilX-Ray Bobbin Coil
MRI PlugMRI Plug
MRI Coil SupportMRI Coil Support
Collimator Pointers and Targets

Collimator Pointers and Targets

Patient Handling - Table Gear RackPatient Handling - Table Gear Rack
MRI ConnectorMRI Connector
Various X-ray/CT CoverVarious X-ray/CT Cover
MRI Body Coil ComponentMRI Body Coil Component
MRI Coil WedgeMRI Coil Wedge
MRI ConnectorMRI Connector
MRI SpacersMRI Spacer
MRI Gradient TubesMRI Gradient Tubes
MRI SpacerMRI Spacer