CMI History

Family Picure


Doors opened. Started with a punch press, bandsaw, lathe, slitter and lab ovens. Took our first order for Nomex slitting used in lift magnets.


Henry P. (Bud) Evans takes over as new president. Brought oil-filled transformer industry knowledge from a previous employer. Began producing transformer board sticks and coating press board with adhesive.


Bud purchased the company and focused the business on manufacturing. Began producing transformer spacer sticks on paper (STP) for distribution transformers as the only independent North American supplier.


Broke ground on a new 20,000-sq.-ft. manufacturing facility. Added high-volume stamping capability. Developed stick-to-paper (STP) equipment for oil-filled transformers.


A series of acquisitions added capabilities, equipment, customers and people. These acquisitions included: JV Enterprises; Insulcom, Crishon and Beljon; and Midwest Circuit Products. Plant expanded to 55,000 sq. ft.


Expanding sales outside of North and South America, CMI begins supplying components to Europe and Asia.


Quality management system formally registered to ISO 9001:2000 standard.


Quality management system registered to ISO 9001:2008 standard and was also recognized as a Certified Supplier to a major military contractor.


Lean/Six Sigma Implementation.