About Us

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Why Choose CMI?

We are the right fit for most companies needing a custom fabricator of electrical insulation and components for all major manufacturers of electrical power generation equipment, distribution equipment and controls.

Large, established and powerful enough to take on most any project, provide the quantities and quality you need, meet/exceed all specifications. Yet sized just right so we can consistently remain responsive and offer personalized service. In every case provide custom solutions to complex engineering, design, or material challenges.

The CMI Difference

CMI is a proven leader at applying industry knowledge and engineering expertise to solve problems that other fabricators cannot or will not take on. The company is family owned and highly values relationships often going beyond the call of duty to help a customer. Our people value honesty, integrity and family values that are often missing in today’s business.

What you should expect from CMI

  • Value-added engineering services to assist you with design and production, sometimes without being asked.
  • Access to a high level of industry knowledge and engineering expertise.
  • People with problem-solving expertise.
  • That we will attack your problem or opportunity with enthusiasm, even if it contains complex engineering, design or material challenges.

  • Creative thinking, plus the capabilities, equipment and processes to turn creative ideas into cost-effective components.
  • A strong emphasis on certification, innovation, and more.
  • Products delivered on time.

  • Quality components/subassemblies that do not need to be inspected, saving you time.
  • That we will go above and beyond to ensure your success, because your success determines our success.
  • That you will experience an engagement with CMI where value is obvious and welcome.